IR heaters

Infrared (IR) heaters are one of the most efficient electromagnetic (heat waves) and thermal heating systems to heat up indoor and outdoor spaces.
They have been designed to heat up areas where you wish to improve temperature comfort without having to heat up the entire air volume. That is its main characteristic: it heats up the matter, not the atmosphere.
We offer a broad range of equipment, including shielded radiant elements, quartz lamps and/or halogen lamps and slate or blackbody ceramic heaters (PRO and SOL).
They don’t stir the dust or air and are suitable for different environments, even with safety levels that are fit for outdoor uses.
Given their easy handling and installation and their affordable price, these heaters are perfect for many purposes, such as bar terraces, changing rooms, sports halls, trade show venues, etc. or for drying phases in industrial packaging, painting and other processing.



Calor Eléctrico Industrial


Soluciones Calor Eléctrico
Safe area
6,000 W
230 V - 400 V
Protection level:
Waterproof up to IP65
Max. Temperature
Radiation type:
Short, medium and long wave
Stands, grids and brackets.

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