DAF fire detectors

We supply Fenwal DAF fire detectors, which are specially designed for extremely hostile industrial environments, safe areas and areas rated as Exd flameproof.
The DAF equipment detects the temperature of the surrounding air regardless of how fast the fire spreads and by means of temperature gradient offsetting technology, the system triggers the alarm at a precise danger spot. These devices have a tight tamper-proof seal, have temperature settings and are resistant to blows and vibrations.
Detectors are the heart of many fire protection systems. From petrol stations to paint booths, from extractor fans to large power generation systems, from engine compartments to schools, factories and offices, the DAF (Detect-a-Fire) detector controls the triggering of fire extinguishers, including clean agents, CO2, water or dry chemicals.
They can also be used as an alarm device to detect overheating or fires and warn the workers. Speed offsetting provides a unique advantage by triggering it at a precise danger spot, with either a slow or fast release.

Safe area, Exd or Exe (gas and dust)
6 fixed settings from 140 to 325ºF
12 fixed settings from 140 to 725ºF
Protection level:
Brass and stainless steel

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