Electric industrial fan heaters

Electric forced-air heaters made up of a resistor battery, fan, temperature controller, safety limiter and stop timer, made of a high-resistance painted metal sheet. Designed to work in industrial environments and have been known in the market for their robustness and long durability for over 50 years.
Wall, portable, ceiling and air recirculation versions with integrated or remote digital control. Designed specially to heat large shopping areas, industrial warehouses, building sites, greenhouses, farms, etc. and for drying in construction, ovens or paint booths, with different models adjusted to specific sectors, such as the naval or mining industries, etc.
Broad range of models and powers in stock, but we also manufacture tailor-made versions depending on the amounts ordered for different powers, voltages, colours and uses. Models adapted to the naval sector.
Since 2014, IES has been certified to manufacture equipment and protection systems to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres and in 2018 we added the ATEX fan heaters range.


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