Screw plug immersion heaters

IES’ screw plug heaters have a series of shielded tubular elements welded to a tin, steel or stainless steel screw-in connector.
They are easy to use and suitable for many industrial processes that require electric heating of liquid or gas by immersion, resulting in a high energy performance as the heat is transferred directly from the heating element to the substance that is heated and this allows a fast and efficient heat transfer.
We have a broad range of standard items in stock but also make tailor-made heaters for different uses and industrial processes. We adjust the power, voltage and material of the tubular elements for each use.
Screw plug immersion heaters with control and safety devices are suitable to control the temperature in the fluid and the heating elements.
Since 2017, IES has been officially certified to manufacture tailor-made equipment under Directive 2014/34/EU and IECEx for dangerous and corrosive environments and potentially explosive atmospheres.


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