Immersion heaters for chemical coating

IES is a distributor of Mazurczak, an expert in the electroplating industry, with whom we’ve held a close business relationship for over 20 years.
They are industry leaders and have over 80 years’ experience in the heating and cooling technology for aggressive liquids.
High-quality electric heaters made with heating elements in different materials suitable for liquids, molten elements, steam and gas.

Rotkappe is the best-selling range. These immersion heaters are ideal to heat up aggressive liquids directly. Made with resistant materials, such as the immersion tube, their small size make them especially suitable to be used in surface coating. They also make metal plate exchangers for indirect heating and cooling and level and temperature sensors in different materials and lengths.
There is a product for each use to meet our clients’ needs.

Vertical, Horizontal and Angular
0.4 - 12 kW
Max. 500 V three-phase
Protection level:
Max. Diameter:
52 mm
Max. Length:
5 m
Max. Pressure:
0.5 bar
Stainless 316Ti , Titanium, Porcelain, Quartz, Technical glass, PFA compound

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