electric heat exchangers

Electric heat exchangers or electric tankless heaters are designed for heating processes with circulation or recirculation in liquid or gas circuits: water, central heating, oil, steam, air, gas and molten salts, among other uses.
The fluid circulates inside the tank following the direction of internal deflectors designed and installed in the heating system in the best position to ensure the most efficient circulation and heat transfer.
The basic range of this equipment is made up of an electric heating unit, mainly flanged, a tank or pressure boiler, a junction box and mounting brackets. Countless control, safety or monitoring elements can be added, such as temperature probes, pressure switches, manometers, purge, venting or safety valves, control boxes, etc. They are built, upon request, in different materials, voltages, powers, sizes and shapes depending on their purpose and always according to the directives, regulations and specifications of each client or use, with different finishes, paints, stripping, insulations, etc. Our equipment works under the most extreme pressures and temperatures, in corrosive environments and potentially explosive atmospheres. For over 75 years, we have been designing thousands of systems for countless uses and clients worldwide.

Safe area, Exd or Exe (gas and dust)
Up to 6,000 kW
Up to 690 V
Protection level:
Low IP66 IEC60529
Max. Diameter:
Max. Length:
4,500 mm
Max. Pressure:
2500 Lb | 350 bar
Max. Temperature:
Heater materials:
SS304, 316L, 321, 309, Incoloy 800/825, Inconel 600/625, Monel 400, Steel and Copper.
Container materials:
Stainless steel, Carbon steel and other alloys upon request.

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