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Tower solar thermal power station in Morocco


Tower solar thermal power station in Morocco

Heating up molten salt tanks.
Molten salt systems usually operate with two storage tanks at different filling levels and temperatures, i.e. cold and hot salt tanks. The molten salt in the cold tank circulates through the cycle, whereas the salt in the hot tank circulates to produce power for the system.
These molten salts are re-circulated by pumps through the solar receptor to heat it up and feed the solar steam generator, store the power during the hours with high solar radiation and supply it when it’s dark.
The equipment we supplied was:
• 16 Electric heat exchangers, 100kW 3ph – 400VAC
• 910 Electric heaters in several shapes and powers to pre-heat the oven in the tower.

Solar Power
1. The plant is subject to extreme weather as it’s in a desert.
2. The equipment ordered serves two essential purposes for the plant to operate smoothly:
The 16 100 kg electric heat exchangers keep the right temperature for the molten salts in the cold and hot tanks.
The 910 electric heaters raise the oven temperature at sunrise to increase the plant performance and can start producing several hours earlier than expected.
1 - Electric heat exchanger that can withstand the harsh weather in a desert and work inside a pod without any type of flow.
2 - Optimisation of the power production hours in the plant.
IES Soler designed and calculated safe and sustainable molten-salt heating equipment that can withstand the extreme weather in a desert even without a flow.
About our Client:
SENER INGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS, S.A., is one of the most experienced Spanish engineering companies in the industry specialising in Energy projects, especially thermal power stations. Sener Group is a leading company worldwide and we have worked with them on several projects. One of the largest ones was the MASEN-NOORo III 150 MW Tower CSP plant in the Ouarzazate desert in Morocco.

This is a technological engineering company based in Biscay (Spain). They are innovative, committed and operate extensively in the Transport, Water, Environment, Processes, Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, Security & Defence and Naval sectors.

Photo gallery of the engineering project

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