Decarbonization destination Northern Europe | Logistics Sector

Decarbonization Project for Northern Europe


Design and production of electric heating equipment for a maritime cargo terminal

We have designed and produced two double DN250 electric heat exchangers, each with 550 kW power. They include a thyristor control cabinet that is installed inside a 20-foot container with an extraction pump.

These two complete units are ready to be used in a cargo terminal for the purposes of heating glycol/water in order to facilitate the transfer of the liquid from storage tanks to cargo ships.

Our team has successfully completed FAT testing for a new industrial heat solutions project, aimed at decarbonizing an industrial process in Northern Europe.

The customer required an efficient and sustainable solution for heating glycol/water in their storage tanks, which is then transferred to cargo ships. Previously, this process was carried out using fossil fuels, which was inefficient and harmful to the environment.
To meet the customer's requirements, we design and produce two double electric heat exchangers, with DN250 flanges and 550 kW power each. In addition, we include a thyristor control cabinet for precise power regulation. The entire system, along with an extraction pump, was installed in two 20” containers for turnkey delivery.
The complete solution is already installed at a cargo terminal in Northern Europe and ready to facilitate the transfer of glycol/water from storage tanks to cargo ships. This new implementation seeks to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by replacing fossil fuels, which eliminates most of the greenhouse gas emissions and improves the efficiency of the process. This project not only decarbonizes the customer’s process, but also contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Photo gallery of the engineering project

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