Set of electric heaters

Set of electric heaters


This project is very similar to most of the special equipment that we manufacture, basically its function is to heat the fuel-oil that circulates in the pipes, but its dimensions and its finish make it stand out from the rest of the products.

This project is destined for a future concrete plant located in South Africa.

It is a set of five kits, four electrical reheaters and a electrical suction heater. The latter is mounted in a heavy fuel-oil storage tank, and its function, at the same time as sucking, is to increase the temperature when the pump sucks the fluid out of the tank, in order to make it lighter for transport.

This 156kW indirect heater is made up of removable individual heating elements for quick maintenance or replacement if necessary and to avoid to empty the tank in case of maintenance of the heating elements.
The rest of the equipment are electric circulation heaters that cover wide powers from 100kW to 1.136kW, all of them incorporate temperature and pressure gauges to regulate the heating system.