ICAO Aircraft warning lights for Rande Bridge

ICAO Aircraft warning lights for Rande Bridge

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After several months of project, ICAO obstruction lights beacons are already installed and working on the Rande Bridge (Vigo).

IES SOLER has sold a system of 16 medium intensity beacons type AC and type C with control panels (LUX SOLAR brand) in order to properly adapt the facilities of the Rande Bridge, based on the requirements of AESA. A bridge, which at the time of its 1978 inauguration, was the longest tensioned bridge in the world.

These obstruction lights are also called Aircraft Warning Lights (AWL), and are necessary according to international regulations (ICAO/FAA) for the correct visibility of bridges and other obstacles in areas of aeronautical easements. In this case, this update was necessary since the previous beacons lacked sufficient intensity and the Rande Bridge is a high-rise structure that is located very close to the Peinador Airport. This ICAO signaling project is one of the most important in the nation in terms of bridges to date.

IES, as a specialist in the sale of Industrial Safety products and solutions, includes in its catalogue a complete range of AWL systems complying with ICAO / FAA standards and also, solutions according to IALA standards for maritime signalling devices, working together with the best international suppliers and always being willingness of our clients to advise them on their related projects.