Electric Heaters: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at ACHEMA

Electric Heaters: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at ACHEMA

Have you ever wondered what advances are shaping the future of the chemical and industrial process industries?

Well, we have, and this year, we had the pleasure of participating in ACHEMA 2024, a biennial fair that has become the premier showcase for industrial processes. This is our third consecutive edition, and each time we leave more impressed and excited about what the future holds.

Beyond being a platform for innovation, ACHEMA 2024 is dedicated to education and empowerment. Attendees were able to learn from industry leaders, participate in interactive workshops, and access the latest research. This exchange of knowledge strengthens the industry.

GEA Process Innovation Stage – Sustainable Carbon Cycles and Chemical Recycling (CEFIC)

Strengthening business relationships

ACHEMA has become a key fair for us, having participated in three consecutive editions, and from our first participation, we can confirm that it not only presents the latest technological innovations but also serves as a unique stage for face-to-face encounters between industry professionals. This environment allows us to exchange ideas with clients, suppliers, and competitors, within an ideal setting to explore possible collaborations and discuss new business opportunities. Face-to-face interaction is invaluable for understanding market needs, anticipating trends, strengthening strategic alliances, and building a solid network of professionals.

Six themes of innovation

In this edition, the fair focused on six crucial themes: digitalization, ecology, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, processes, and hydrogen. Each of these pillars is transforming the industry dramatically, and we were there to experience it firsthand.

  1. Digitalization: Digitalization is revolutionizing how industries operate. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), we can now achieve greater efficiency and control over processes, improving supply chain management and decision-making in real-time.
  2. Ecology: Sustainability is a priority. New technologies are helping to reduce carbon emissions, optimize water use, and promote the circular economy, which not only protects our planet but also reduces long-term operational costs.
  3. Laboratories: Advances in laboratory technology, such as high-resolution microscopes and advanced genetics, are accelerating scientific discoveries and improving precision in research and development (R&D).
  4. Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a complete transformation. With new drugs, gene therapies, and advanced production techniques, we are seeing significant improvements in the efficacy and safety of treatments, as well as a reduction in production costs.
  5. Industrial processes: Automation and quality control are making industrial processes more efficient and safer, reducing occupational hazards and increasing productivity.
  6. Hydrogen: Hydrogen is emerging as a clean and sustainable energy source. Its applications across various industrial sectors are advancing rapidly, offering a viable alternative to fossil fuels and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric heaters: Efficiency and sustainability in the chemical industry

At IES Soler, we value our electric heaters, which play a crucial role in reducing emissions in the chemical industry. Precision in thermal control is essential for producing high-quality chemicals and, best of all, without the need for fossil fuels, thus eliminating the release of greenhouse gases.

Our heaters are not only efficient but also versatile. They can be used across a wide range of sectors, from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to renewable energy plants and wastewater treatment. This adaptability allows companies to improve overall efficiency and reduce energy waste.

Building a sustainable future

The pressure to reduce the carbon footprint and adopt more sustainable practices is increasing. At ACHEMA 2024, sustainability was a cross-cutting theme of all the innovations presented. From clean energy technologies to more efficient production methods, the event demonstrated that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

We hope that the knowledge shared at ACHEMA 2024 will propel industries toward a more sustainable future, where innovation and collaboration continue to be the drivers of progress. With our electric heaters and the solutions presented at the fair, we are more than ready to face the challenges and contribute to a cleaner and more efficient world.

Highlight Session „Beyond fossil fuels – Exploring alternative carbon sources for a sustainable chemical industry”