IES (Industrias Eléctricas Soler and Aquecind Lda.) is organized into three divisions: Heat, Engineering and Safety.

It has a staff of 50 employees and occupies an area of 4,000 m2 in a building that includes a factory, warehouses and an office. It is equipped with modern machinery for manufacturing and control processes and for managing the engineering and warehouses. It has an engineering department with a high level of knowledge and experience, capable of making industrial heating studies and designing processes.

IES manufactures industrial heating equipment; heating elements for heating air and gases; immersion heaters for water, oils and other fluids; infrared radiators; unit heaters; convectors; lamps for the livestock farming sector etc., with its own patents.

IES heating equipment is used in most industrial sectors, particularly metalworking, chemicals, petrochemicals, energy, railways, shipbuilding, food, HVAC, packaging, plastics, etc. It is sold directly or via engineering firms or large electrical stores.

The recent incorporation of the AUTO and EVACUATION lines into the safety division makes IES the only company in the sector capable of supplying sound and light beacon solutions for all market needs, from the smallest signal on an electrical panel to the most powerful electronic siren on the market with a range of more than three kilometers to alert the population in the case of chemical, industrial or natural risk. The range includes the most complete selection of emergency sound and light beacon for police, fire, ambulance, civil defense, municipal, public works, highways and assistance service vehicles etc.

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