Signalling devices for workplace vehicles


Managing all day-to-day maintenance and material handling activities has become an important part in modern facilities.

Safety in these operation activities is a key issue, considering the wide range of hazards and risks associated with workplace transport.

Since many years, Sirena represents a point of reference when safety is a priority, providing factory personnel with an extensive choice of products, ensuring an intensive warning, signalling and lighting effectiveness for their workplace vehicles.

WORKPLUS offers a complete range of signalling and lighting devices:

– Light bars with LED and halogen technology.

– Safety Beacons with LED source (producing a high intensity rotating or flashing effect) or with halogen bulb.

– Search and Work Beams with manual positioning and halogen luminous source or radio controlled with LED technology.

– LED Linear Warning Lights with powerful light output.

– LED Torch with adjustable focus range.

– Safety Luminous and Acoustic devices especially engineered for forklift operations.


Police and EMS vehicles warning lights and sirens

Service and utility vehicles warning lights


Service and utility vehicles

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