Population warning system


The population warning systems comprise a modular and scalable set of horns and diffusers with a sound pressure level of between 109 dB (A) and 123 dB (A) at 30, digital audio amplifiers with powers of between 600 and 3000 Watts, and an energy output of 97%, which makes them ideal for applications with autonomous power supply.

A central unit that controls the redundant communication channels, pre-recorded voice messages, siren tones, loud hailing and system test functions through a local activation unit.

The system also manages the different power supplies and battery charging.

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Outdoor warning systems

Outdoor warning sirens



Emergency evacuation plans

Nuclear power generation

Petrochemical industry


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Hörmann warning sirens to the population of San Cibrao (Galicia)

Hörmann warning sirens to the population of San Cibrao (Galicia) Last November, a siren test to alert and educate the population for eventual evacuation, was carried out within the emergency plan of the Rio Cobo dam in San Cibrao (Galicia). The outdoor warning system was installed in early 2013, after three and a half years [...]
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IES Safety Division

Comercial Soler S. A., between other activities, has developed since 1974 the distribution of industrial and priority warning systems form our partners SIRENA, WHELEN and HÖRMANN. From January 1st, 2017, as a consequence of Comercial Soler absorption by Industrias Eléctricas Soler S. A. (IES), the distribution of audible and visual signalization for industrial applications, priority [...]