Infrared radiators


Heat generator units that work by infrared radiation, formed by armoured quartz, halogen, etc. radiating elements fitted to solid chassis that contain one or more radiating elements, stainless steel reflector screen to optimize dissemination and front protection grilles.

Designed for heating in areas where greater levels of thermal comfort are required without needing to heat the whole volume of air, such as terraces, churches, sports halls, auditoriums, convention centres, etc. farms for breeding chickens, pigs, rabbits, etc., and in drying applications in industrial packaging and painting processes, etc.


Industrial comfort air heaters

Outdoor and terraces infrared heaters

Heating components for food process industry


Automotive industry

Industrial comfort

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6 September, 2018

Gastech – Barcelona visit us

IES will be exhibiting at Gastech, that will take place in Barcelona September 17th to 9th. IES participates in the exhibition to show the range of heating elements and electrical heating engineering solutions for applications in thermosolar plants, combined cycle power plants, biomass, oil & gas (refineries and petro chemical plants), chemical, pharmacy, nuclear, water treatment [...]
9 April, 2018

At IES we are celebrating 75 years

75 years bringding Electric Heating solutions. Our origins date back to the late 1930s, during the military conflict in Spain. The shortage of raw materials and the need to repair and restore electrical appliances encouraged the start of the manufacture of electrical elements. It was in 1943 when Industrias Eléctricas Soler, S.A. was created to [...]