Industrial and civil traffic signalization


Industrial and civil traffic signalization.

FEU LED 2.0: Retrofit led bulbs for traditional traffic light installations.

T4: Safe following distance device engineered for tunnel walls.

F4: Direction signalling device engineered for parking and private paths.

R4: Priority signalling device engineered for gates and access point.


Visual and acoustic warning devices


Civil construction

Road signaling devices

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12 January, 2018

New pricelist of Sirena

We introduce the new pricelist of Sirena, that covers the whole range of visual and acoustic signalling equipment including modular devices, light towers, evacuation products and signalling for industrial vehicles. This new pricelist with ref. IES / 326.10 is valid from January 1st, 2018. Coming alongside with the pricelist, we have the brand new General [...]
29 December, 2016

New price list IES

Industrias Eléctricas Soler S. A. introduces the 2017 Sirena price lists (326.09), which will be valid for all orders received from January 1st, 2017. This price list includes the widest range of industrial signalling devices, modular and multifunctional signalling devices, Tower lights for industrial automation, Sirens for industrial and large area evacuation and Warning lights [...]