Heating cables and blankets


Constant power or self-adjusting heating cables for applications in pipe tracing, radiating floors, ramps and frost elimination in drains and cold room seals.

Heating blankets in fiberglass or silicone for installation outdoors, in tanks of different materials (metal, plastic, fibre, etc.) for maintaining or raising the temperature of the stored fluid.

Applications: IBC containers, drums, bottles and containers containing oil, grease, paraffin, plastic materials, chocolate, rubber, honey, gas, chemical products, etc.

Also see the Drum Heating section.

Ultra-flexible heating elements on silicone sheet.

Applications: hot surfaces, plate warmers, coffee machines, ice cream machines, ultrasound degreasing apparatuses, poultry incubators, moulds, laboratory and medical instruments, gluing machines, welding press, packing machines, etc.


Heat trace and pipe line heaters

Metal blocs heaters


Food process

Combined cycle power plants

Industrial comfort

Waste water treatment plants

Desalination plant

Fire detection


Nuclear power generation

Petrochemical industry


Co-generation and solar power generation

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1 March, 2017

Industrial heating price list

We introduce the new IES 314.00 Price list, will replaces the IES 313.01 and CS 270.20. Due to the recent company fusion the new price list includes all heating products, both own production and resale. The new Price list come into force for all the orders received from March 1st, 2017. The new Price list [...]
6 December, 2016

IES Heat Division

Comercial Soler S. A., between other activities, has developed since 1974 the distribution of heating elements and temperature controllers form our partners  FENWAL, SHIMADEN, SILISOL, SONDER, etc. From January 1st, 2017, as a consequence of Comercial Soler absorption by Industrias Eléctricas Soler S. A. (IES), the distribution of heating elements and temperature controllers for industrial applications [...]