Fin elements (air and gas)


Used for warming of air and gases to low and a medium temperatures.

The rectangular or spiral Fins welded all along with copper to the tubular element, obtain an ideal transmission of heat, high load, reduction of the thermal inertia and entire elimination of the noise for vibration, high advantages opposite to other solutions of the market with assembly by pressure or spot welding fins.


Air and gas heaters

Industrial comfort air heaters

Industrial Owens heaters




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13 July, 2017

HVAC projects

In the transportation segment we develop customized HVAC systems for the marine and railway industries, meeting the most demanding standards and certifications. IES is EN 15085-2 certified for the manufacture of equipment using welding for trains and their components. Applications: Re-heaters and pre-heaters for air conduct. Convectors and blow heaters for dwellings, boilers for water [...]
29 March, 2017

ATEX Qualification

IES has been qualified according to 2014/34/EU directive, under the number INERIS 16ATEX0025X for the design, manufacturing and sale of electrical immersion heaters “EX”. Once more the IES prestige, the experience and the technical capacities have been recognized through the concession, from international regulation authorities, of this new qualification. In short we’ll publish technical and [...]