Emergency and police vehicles


Whelen manufacture a wide range of warning devices for priority, emergency and police vehicles, certified under the ECE R65 and R10 European current norms.

We highlight the light bar ranges CENTURY, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and 4500, the directional lights LIN3/TIR3, LINZ6, ION, M4, M6, M7, M9 and AVENGER and the wide range of scene and working lights PIONEER. All luminous devices powered with the latest LED technology and the more efficient optical lenses and reflectors. We also offer a large range of remote control SIRENS and extra flat and light SPEAKERS to facilitated the installation in police and emergency vehicles.

IESSafety division distributes Whelen Engineering products for the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Since 1952 Whelen design and produce in their US facilities located in Connecticut and New Hampshire on the east coast and has a warehouse and assembly plant in UK to provide local service to European markets.


Police and EMS vehicles warning lights and sirens


Fire truck and ambulances


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