Devices for industrial and large area evacuation


In the field of PREVENTION and PROTECTION measurements, the audible signal is a fundamental element of the system because it starts the evacuation plan and the intervention procedures and consents the activation of the safety measures for the workers and people present.

To be able to choose a correct philosophy and configuration for the useful elements for creating an ideal audible alarm and evacuation signal implementation, certain aspects have to be considered:

– the real environmental conditions of use, assessing factors such as background noise, the area to be covered, the presence of obstacles (walls, shelves, noise screens)

– the variables of the source of the audible signal, above all in terms of sound intensity and frequency. This last point is fundamental for specifically determining the type of devices to guarantee a correct sound level (clearly higher than the environmental noise) that is easily recognisable and clearly distinguishable.

With the correct device identified, it is important to consider the number and type; Sirena proposes the ESCAPE line based on two different operating philosophies: PCS SYSTEM or TRADITIONAL SYSTEM


Outdoor warning sirens

Outdoor warning systems



Emergency evacuation plans

Nuclear power generation

Petrochemical industry


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