Air duct heaters and equipment for air


Devices for air warming in conduits of forced air, ovens, stoves and many other appliances for the industry and the air conditioning sector. Made with rectangular or spiral fin elements. The air duct heaters are classified according to its application:

Assembly in conduits of air conditioning.
Minimal air speed: 1,5m/s
Maximum air temperature: 60ºC
BTC (circular conduit)

Air handling unit.
Minimal air speed: 1,5m/s
Maximum air temperature: 80ºC

Air heating in industrial process, stoves, ovens, heating premises, etc. 2,5m/s 200ºC
Minimal air speed: 2,5m/s
Maximum air temperature: 200ºC

High temperature, for application in ovens and stoves.
Minimal air speed: 1,55m/s
Maximum air temperature: 650ºC

Load battery, for test of engines or electric generators or any equipment that needs electric consumption energy test.

Portable hot air generator.
AER 786
AER 785


Air and gas heaters

Needle exchange heaters




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